WordPress maintenance, what is it and why it is essential!

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WordPress maintenance

Do you have a WordPress site and you do not have a maintenance contract? You plan to create a site showcase WordPress and did not know that a WordPress is updated? Do not move, we have something for you!

It has been more than two years since Web and Solutions expanded its range of site creation with the implementation of a so-called “showcase” offer as opposed to the “e-commerce” offer (the agency’s historical business with OASIS / Trade). To do this, our teams have selected the most popular solution on the market: WordPress (why redevelop a tool when it already exists?!). Free Open Source solution, WordPress allows you to create and edit a showcase site. The added value of the agency is then to adapt its visual aspect to your graphic charter and to set the tool to suit your needs (specific developments for example).
But the common mistake is to believe that after the delivery of the site the work is finished. Let’s see why this is a tool that gets updated, what’s behind these updates, why to do them and why Web and Solutions must do them for you


A quick re-setting is needed. WordPress is an open source solution . To summarize, an open source software is a software, often free, whose code is entirely open to modification by everyone. Often starting from a basic core meeting a first level of need, it can then be appropriated and adapted to its own specificities. Here, Web and Solutions uses this tool because it proposes a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to modify the content of your site without having to touch the code directly (practical when you do not know anything about it)

Although WordPress remains a product managed by a “classic” company, the tool has several specificities: its core is regularly updated, a huge community develops third-party services that connect to WordPress to add unplanned features in the basic solution and finally, another type of community created so-called templates that quickly change the graphical appearance of the site. This community is a real asset because it ensures that the solution and everything that revolves around will always be at the top of the innovation and will always be updated. Speaking of update, what are we talking about exactly?


If you already have a WordPress you have already heard of the update. And if you plan to create a WordPress website you must know that the solution is updated. A little semantic parenthesis. The term “update” is used here more in a technical context. Indeed, we are not talking about updating the site as part of its content or its images. The update mentioned here is more of a “scalable technical maintenance”, that is to say, to evolve the WordPress software so that it remains efficient.

There are three parts of your WordPress to update:

  • The WordPress software itself.
  • The template of your WordPress.
  • Plugins.

When you update your WordPress, these are the elements you update. But why do them? Is it really essential?


You will understand, by mentioning the three elements to be updated above, we have already given the main answers to this question. WordPress updates are essential for the following reasons:

  • The security of your site.
  • Correction of technical bugs.
  • Benefit from a state-of-the-art site.


“To update my WordPress, I only have to press a button”. Believe me, this sentence we have already heard. We will not hide it, if your WordPress solution has only few plugins (see none) and you do not use template then this sentence is accurate. If, as in most cases, you use a template and you have plugins become essential (at Web and Solutions, we install a dozen automatically on each of the sites we produce because we deem them essential) then this sentence shows an almost blind confidence.

According to WordPress, a good update includes no less than 12 steps from backing up your site and its database to consulting the source files of your WordPress (wp-config.php, wp-includes / languages /).

Add to that an update can produce edge effects that can be negatively impacting your site (malfunctions, display problems) and may sometimes make it unavailable. How is it possible ? Well, updating WordPress, your template and your plugins can fix bugs but can also create some. Sometimes a plugin that worked well starts to malfunction after an update because the latter has made it incompatible with the presence of another plugin. It must be able to backtrack if the problem is blocking or enter the code to solve a non-blocking problem very quickly. A developer is essential!

As you can see, the notion of “WordPress update” hides a more complex reality than expected and its realization must be entrusted to a development professional. At Web and Solutions, we provide these services as part of a rolling maintenance contract each month and the end customer is informed of the implementation of the update through a report only when it is completed and does not generates no bugs.

Your site is under WordPress, you have already encountered this kind of concern and you do not want to repeat this experience or you just want to plan the update phase upstream of your project? Contact our dedicated team by filling out our contact form.

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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