Why use WordPress to create your website?

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Are you planning to create a website to make your place on the web but you don’t know how to go about it? It is not impossible to get out of this even if you are a novice. However, you have to succeed in finding tools that can help you master web tools at your own pace.

Which tool to choose, what can it be used for? This article will tell you everything you need to know to build your website and get started easily.

So don’t wait any longer and go on to find out what is the best tool to create your website quickly! You have certainly already heard of WordPress, we will tell you everything you need to know! Using WordPress to create your website, good or bad idea?

WordPress, what is it?

So you have to start from the beginning in order to understand why using WordPress to create your website is the best solution to consider.

WordPress is a CMS, which literally means “Content Management System”. It is therefore a web tool allowing you to manage your internet content but also to create content to publish it on your website. WordPress is therefore a complete tool allowing you ideal management that can take into account one or more users if you work in a team.

This content management system is therefore a good solution to start on the internet very simply thanks to the easy handling of this tool. But that’s not all, using WordPress to create your website shows another advantage. Indeed, its use is free and WordPress is an Opensource! So you will have no trouble adding a number of themes and extensions to your WordPress. Indeed, this CMS is used by a large number of people, you will have no trouble downloading certain modules or themes for free to personalize your site when you decide to create a site.

How to use WordPress?

But using WordPress will not be enough to complete your project, even if you are just looking to create a showcase site. Indeed, it will also be necessary to think of certain essential steps of which the first is the choice of your domain name. This detail remains very important, you will not be able to go further if you do not have a domain name and you cannot afford to choose it at random.

You need to start by thinking about the different types of domain names to make a wise choice. The address of your website is very important, just as much as using WordPress to create your website! You will therefore have to make a judicious choice between “.com, .net, .org, .fr…” depending on your field of activity and the restrictions in force. But the choice of a domain name does not stop there, you must also find a name appearing on your internet address. This will allow you to identify your website and to appear more or less easily in the search engine. To choose an effective name, you have to find a domain name that identifies your activity, your sector while making sure to keep a domain name that does not exceed 60 characters.

A short domain name that reflects your business will allow you to be remembered more easily and you will just have to use WordPress to create your website!

Why use WordPress to create your website?

You have different options of hosting providers such as a dedicated server for example which will allow you to enjoy the higher performance but you should not forget to take the cost into account before you start. It is therefore important to identify your needs before you start to avoid investing unnecessarily in a dedicated server for example.

By choosing to use WordPress to create your website, you can use a specialized WordPress host even if it means paying a certain amount. The use of your site will be simplified and you will be able to benefit from easier handling. Here are some examples of WordPress hosts:

  • WordPress.com
  • WP Engine
  • Themecloud

However, using WordPress to create your website is not the only thing to take into account. You will have to think about certain technical aspects such as minimum storage capacity, a file format, a MySQL database to save your data during various modifications and updates.

Using WordPress to create your website is therefore an ideal solution to benefit from certain advantages associated with using WordPress. But this CMS has other advantages that are linked to the use of this tool. Creating a website is not easy, and WordPress gives you access to a free content management system that is also free and customizable.

When creating your website, WordPress will appear as the best choice for successfully uploading your site as quickly as possible without having to deal with code and other aspects that can quickly become complicated. Using WordPress to create your website therefore allows you to choose an efficient simplicity while benefiting from a strong possibility of customization. This intuitive tool will therefore allow you to put content management into practice :

  • Pages
  • Themes
  • Connections
  • Media
  • Plugins

Using WordPress to create your website therefore appears to be the ideal choice to put your website online!

The essential tool for the web

Indeed, you will not be able to highlight your site if you have poor SEO, it will not easily appear in the search engine if you have poor SEO. Using WordPress to create your website allows you to optimize the use of your tags for good SEO. You can also take advantage of this use of WordPress to install SEO extensions that will boost the SEO of your website in order to gain you a large number of visitors. These benefits can help you promote your showcase site for example, and if you have a web store linked to this site, you will quickly see effective results that will boost your sales.

However, you should not forget to take care of your writing to obtain a minimum natural referencing on your publications, this will allow you to improve your results in the search engine. But using WordPress to create your website also allows you to benefit from another significant advantage: the responsive interface. This will allow you to have a site easily accessible and readable on cell phones and tablets as WordPress does not integrate flash elements. You can even download a large number of themes on WordPress and take advantage of the free ones without losing the responsive interface.

Using WordPress to create your website can therefore quickly become the perfect solution for different media although this CMS was previously used much more for blogs.

  • Blog
  • Showcase site
  • E-commerce
  • Forum
  • Phone book
  • Exchange platform
  • The social network, intranet

There are therefore many choices and you will be hard-pressed to find a content management tool that can bring you as many benefits as WordPress.

This article has therefore finished convincing you that using WordPress to create your website was an ideal solution. Finding a management tool for your website is not the easiest, which is why WordPress is very often privileged thanks to the many advantages that this CMS offer. But this tool is not perfect either. If you are a beginner, he will help you more than you need to. However, once you are comfortable with the tools of the web, WordPress could quickly find it insufficient. Indeed, to access extremely advanced customization, you will have to find a solution other than WordPress which could limit you. Also, although many themes and plugins are available for free, you shouldn’t forget that the paid versions will have more important and useful features to offer you.

WordPress is therefore a very useful management tool for creating your website and getting started on the internet with a practical tool by your side. So don’t wait any longer and learn how to use the tools of the web in order to make your place on the web!

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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