Tips to Improve Visibility and Downloads of Your Applications in 2020

According to recent studies, 30% of users find mobile applications browsing through search engines, So it’s essential to optimize the app store position of your App. We invite you to know how to achieve it.

Currently one of the mobile application optimization techniques is the App Store Optimization (ASO), which seeks to improve the positioning of an application in the lists where it appears and also in search engines. This is achieved by identifying keywords that can improve application indicators. But is ASO a technique like SEO?

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The first thing is to identify that ASO has its own specifications. Its focus is on improving the visibility of an application (or game) in application search engines and in the Internet browser. This traffic increase aims to maximize the volume of organic downloads in the application, which is considered a conversion.

In ASO a different technique is used as metadata to optimize the performance of an application in the download services. In this case the Name, a subtitle that indicates a description of the application, promotional texts, images and videos, and the URL if necessary, as in the case of Google Play Store.

It should be noted that the two App Store download systems for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, have different features, so the contents differ slightly.

A very important aspect of ASO is visual elements. While these are not as relevant for SEO, in the case of applications screenshots, icons and videos are essential for a user’s decision to download or not download the application.

This is why with the large number of new applications that users develop, they will not only search for them in a store but through search engines as well as the rest of the content. In this way, it is important to optimize the visibility of the applications in all spaces, where you can ideally count on the help of a digital media agency expert in techniques for increasing visibility.

The steps to start an ASO analysis in your application are as follows:

  • Competitor Research

The title, the name of the URL and the description are basic to improve the positioning of the app in any search engine. For this, the keywords in specific elements such as the name of the application, its title and a related paragraph are key.

Other very relevant elements for the App Store Optimization are the development of positive reviews or reviews. In this technique, reviews, in addition to the ratings, are essential for the Google Play Store, where the positioning of an application is related to the number of users who submit positive reviews in relation to it. This allows other users to trust and generate a positive feeling regarding the application.

In this way, it is essential that applications expand from their stores and can be visible in web searches, thereby increasing facilities and subsequently profits. In Grill, we can help you optimize your application on different platforms.

Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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