Tips for designing your blog logo

Plan a bloglogo correctly

Many will not be as strict and meticulous about choosing a logo for their blog as a young company that defines their corporate design. And I also think that bloggers should not necessarily be that narrow when choosing their CD. After all, good content is important first and less external appearance, which can naturally become more professional over time.

Characteristics of a good logo

Company and blog logos should meet certain criteria in order to be considered successful.

  • The logo should have a graphic reference to the blog topic.
  • It should be memorable, even if it is shown quite small.
  • It should be unique, so not in this form or style in a little modified form on the Internet already happen.
  • Anyone planning to use the logo in print media, such as stationery or business cards , needs high-quality vector graphics.
  • Also in the logo design are regularly emerging new trends — think of Flat Design or Long Shadow — but a good logo should be rather timeless, especially if you do not feel like your budget regularly with logo upgrades or adjustments strain. Therefore, even simple logos elaborate designed are preferable.
  • The logo should match the overall corporate design of the blog in terms of color and font selection.
  • It should not consist of too many colors, a maximum of three or four.
  • The logo should also be well displayed in black and white, if it appears in a black and white copy or on a fax. At that time I did not consider this aspect with my logo, however the mentioned cases for the black and white representation did not occur to me (copy, fax).

Collect ideas for logo design

Ideas for the new blog logo can be found on the Internet. Those who like to be inspired by others can take a look at related blogs or websites and check their logo choice.

Image or word mark

In the logo design, there are two major display options, a word mark or a picture mark. What is better now? That can not be decided flat rate.

Logo can be made or made

Certainly there are various tools on the Internet that allow you to create a logo for free . If you have a good sense of graphics and are familiar with the most important functions of graphics programs, you can also design a logo yourself. The simpler the design, the simpler the implementation.

Buy logo

Another cheap way to get a logo is to buy it on a Stock Photo Platform . Nevertheless, I advise against it, because some stock agencies in their guidelines exclude the use of graphics as a logo (such as Fotolia) and because so a purchased image can still be purchased by many others. The uniqueness that makes a good logo mainly, is thus obsolete.

Copy and modify the logo

Many beautiful logos can be found on the Internet and maybe some will come up with the clever idea to use a very good one for their own purposes, by just modifying it slightly, for example by adjusting the lettering or changing the color.


A unique logo makes a blog memorable and recognizable. The effect of such a graphic should not be underestimated. Therefore, you should plan enough time for planning and creation and rather invest a money instead of buying any graphic.



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Christina Cheeseman

Christina Cheeseman


Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.