The best cross-platform mobile development technologies in 2020

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Cross-platform application solutions have undergone a major evolution over the past two years. In 2020, cross-platform mobile development tools are based on very powerful programming technologies.

In order to help you get an idea of ​​this environment, we give you our selection of the best technologies of the kind.

What is cross-platform mobile development?

The process of developing an application on multiple platforms can quickly become technically difficult. Even more so when the developer’s knowledge of Objective C or Java computer language is limited.

There is an alternative — cross-platform mobile development — a technology that allows the creation of a mobile application with a unique code on an Android, iOS and Windows phone environment. This type of technology notably uses CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 as well as mobile phone APIs.
Now, let’s see what are the best cross-platform mobile development technologies in 2020.

ReactJs: a powerful and widely used hybrid framework

ReactJs is a framework widely used by the mobile application development company. Developed seven years ago by Facebook, it has notably enabled the creation of famous applications like Yahoo or the social network Instagram.

AngularJs: a Google creation

Angular Js is a staple in the world of cross-platform mobile development. Conceptualized and written from the computer language JavaScript, it is an open-source framework that brings together a large community. The tutorials to learn how to master AngularJs are really very well provided on the web.

VueJs: a close cousin of ReactJs

Deemed easier to use than ReactJs, this framework integrates JavaScript, CSS and HTML in a single file.

Ruby On Rails: a super-powerful MVC

The main advantage of the Ruby On Rails framework is its great flexibility. It is possible to graft features as the development of the mobile application and the reduction of the code allows to have light files conducive to a rapid change of the pages of the application.

Symphony: a 100% PHP hybrid framework

With the Symphony cross-platform mobile development application, we change registers because it is written 100% in PHP. Developed by French developers, it is especially useful for complex projects requiring demanding features.

Symphony is a modular cross-platform application. In other words, its configuration is extremely flexible.

Spring: a framework still used in 2020

Spring is one of the oldest frameworks for cross-platform mobile development. However, his age should not make us forget that he is one of the best. It provides multiple tools to secure web applications, configure and develop.

Its complexity can sometimes put off some users, but the available documentation allows complete learning with a little diligence.
Naturally, there are a lot of other frameworks for hybrid mobile app development and here we have given you the best ones, at least the ones that are the most popular in 2020.

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