Should we hire a developer or an agency for tailor-made developments?

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The developer is the one who shapes hundreds of thousands of lines of code to create a site. From a CMS / CRM already designed by other developers or from scratch, the coder will create the operation of the site of your dreams.

But, speaking of CMS / CRM, if you have a very effective, do you necessarily need a developer for your website, whether it is showcase or e-commerce? And if so, should you hire or trust a digital agency? We are here to help you make a decision!


“I have a customizable web solution easily, why do I need a developer? “ You say you? For several reasons :

Save time yourself in setting up the web solution

For an e-commerce site for example, even the simplest site creation solution will need to be set up, and a developer trained on it will go much faster than you for that, saving you valuable time (and so money).

And even the CMS deemed the easiest to use (WordPress for example), may need to be technically modified to match some specific projects!

No web solution offers the functionality you need

If you’re in a particular industry, or want to stand out from the vanguard, there may be no site creation solution that’s 100% up to your expectations. In this case, you have to put your hands in the code and create what you need! If you are not a developer yourself, you will probably need one …

Adapt an existing feature to your needs

Your CMS / CRM solution offers the features you are looking for, but is there a missing detail or you would like it to work differently? You will have to adapt the code to your requirements, and you will need a developer, if you are not yourself.

Update the web solution

Much of the CMS needs to be updated as improvements are made by their creators. Why do you need a developer for this? Because it can happen that there are errors, incompatibilities between modules that can cause a malfunction. This is the case with WordPress and Prestashop for example, but others too. Thus, a developer will learn and pay attention to these problems before making the updates, and will resolve any technical concerns.

Correct one or more technical errors

Oops, you should not have to press this button, here you are with hours of work or thousands of data soaring … To avoid redoing everything, a developer will, in the vast majority of cases, a solution to offer you for recover everything!

A small piece of code removed by mistake, and your site no longer looks like nothing or does not work properly? It happens, and a developer will fix it quickly!


Now you should understand that you need a developer at one stage or another of your project. But do you need to hire a expert developer in your company or hire an agency? A quick tour of the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.

Benefits of the internal developer

  • Speed ​​of response and availability,
  • Knowledge of the needs of the company.

Disadvantages of the internal developer

  • He does not necessarily know all the technologies,
  • It’s not necessarily profitable in the long run,
  • Putting the project on hold in case of absence or leave,
  • It costs you a lot in coffee

Benefits of the agency developer

  • You only pay for the services requested,
  • No waiting for the project in case of absence (colleagues take over).

Disadvantages of the agency developer

  • Reactivity sometimes lower according to the internal deadlines of the agency,
  • Cost of the hour higher,
  • It costs a lot in coffee (but not to you).


Now that you have chosen which of the internal developer or agency best fits your project, you need to find the right person or agency! How do you know if the person will meet your expectations and if the collaboration will be successful?

Recruit a developer

To recruit a developer for your business, you first need to list the skills you need. Programming languages ​​to know, CMS and web solutions to know how to use, think well of everything, even what does not directly affect your site. Maybe you will need him for a mobile app?

A developer can always learn a new technology but the training time is of course, it must be anticipated in advance. So do not ask a developer specialized in a certain programming language to learn another in two days … Similarly if you do a site migration to a solution that your developer has never used, it will take him time to explore the documentation.

In addition, developers are increasingly difficult to meet. Their skills are essential to a web project and they logically become more demanding in their missions or workplace. Make sure you have the necessary workload for a full-time developer.

Choose a digital agency

Choosing a web agency is a little on the same principle as for a developer: you will choose it from your needs in web, language and CMS solutions. Most agencies have some site creation solutions in which they are specialized, and few manage all existing site creation solutions.

Among the specialized agencies in the CMS of your choice, you can have a difference in benefits and technologies. All existing programming languages ​​are not necessarily worked either. But with a variety of profiles within the web agency, you typically cover a wider range of possibilities than with a single developer.

So study the agency book, see if they have already developed a feature you are looking for. A web agency that can develop a tailor-made functionality is a real advantage, because you can ask him everything you need (and that is technically possible).

Do not hesitate to contact clients of the agency to know if everything is going well and know the deadlines of some projects for example. Just as with an employee, a relationship with an agency goes through the human, also take the time to meet the future project manager.

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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