Mobile application: 3 advantages for your business

Today there is no longer any doubt about corporate digitization. Whether it’s a website, an application, a presence on social networks, the hold of digital is everywhere. You see it around you, don’t you? Those who miss the boat are left behind by their competitors who have understood the essence of future issues. New technologies are skyrocketing and you need to stay alert to seize opportunities. The mobile application is an effective way to make your products and services more accessible, because yes, we are more and more connected. We have selected for you, for your business 3 advantages of opting for a mobile application.

I — Retain your customers

As you know, it is much more preferable and profitable to retain a customer than to acquire new ones. The principle of loyalty is based on value and preferential actions for your customers. The mobile application allows you to be in contact with your users more often and to create a close relationship. Indeed, it is no secret that the smartphone is with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So there is no question of missing out on this opportunity. By taking advantage of this proximity, you will in the future be able to follow the evolution of your customers and meet their expectations as well as possible.

You can make the application more accessible and make it functional offline , so you will be more in demand by your users. Obviously, your application must also be of interest to be disconnected. Otherwise, that’s okay, it’s just a plus!

II — Gain visibility at a low cost

There is strong competition in many markets and therefore it is difficult for SMEs to stand out in this mass.

Ah, the publicity! We are constantly solicited by hundreds of pubs a day and that, wherever we set foot! Unless you live in the woods. Although... 😉 If in general, gaining visibility is expensive, today digital technology makes investment in promotion and communication more accessible for SMEs.

More and more people are connected, so the opportunity is there and it must be seized. With a good launch and SEO strategy, there is no doubt that you will be all the rage (with a good app). You can benefit from the leverage effect of your app by getting paid with for example advertising, the purchase of the app itself, in-app purchases or through a premium service.

Of course, to optimize your costs, you must above all know what exactly you want to be able to project yourself into the future. Then it will be easier for you to choose the development team and find out how much your mobile app will cost.

III — Increase your value

By building loyalty and gaining visibility you will inevitably attract customers, users like a magnet. You will have a modern and dynamic image showing your customers that you know how to adapt to technological developments.

With your mobile application, you will be able to offer personalized and tailored offers for your users and measure the results obtained. Having a mobile application is a differentiator in a competitive market. It will allow you to make your brand, your business more attractive and accessible.

You will therefore be able to boost your sales, your turnover and achieve your goals more easily. An application is one of the windows of your business! A successful application is good for your reputation, your community, but above all good for the business.

Thus, creating an application has multiple advantages and makes it the most effective way to achieve your goals. Be careful not to throw yourself, heart and soul, into developing a mobile application. Judge for yourself whether the idea is interesting, which does not exist on the market or that it offers you more optimal features than some. Study the market in which you are, ask the opinions of people around you who could potentially use your application.

Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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