Latest trends in eCommerce Mobile App Development 2020

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Mobile e-commerce applications are becoming more and more popular. For this reason, the development of e-commerce applications is growing exponentially, especially in recent years. The demand for comfortable shopping has increased significantly with the new generation of users. However, it is imperative to stay up to date with new trends and special features as the competition increases.

This article will explore new ways to improve e-commerce application development in a more responsive and user-friendly way. While providing users with a unique online shopping experience.


The use of video, for example, is a great feature to add to the development of an eCommerce application as it will undoubtedly increase sales. A nice grid of photos of the products being sold won’t be enough to compete with real videos of real people wearing the products themselves, especially when we are talking about real clothing. Users tend to rely on video content in order to make a final purchasing decision.

Another video feature that has become extremely crucial in mobile app shopping is shoppable videos, which are basically videos that a company promotes on social media pages where users can point to items and click on links that will direct them to that specific item. It’s a completely revolutionary type of shopping that’s practical, visual, and straightforward, just like in real life.

Augmented reality using mobile e-commerce applications

If we are talking about eCommerce app development, there is one exciting new feature that we cannot ignore. This has completely changed the user experience in online shopping apps, which is augmented reality. This new 3D feature allows users to really see themselves in the elements they want without leaving their comfortable environment. For example, Nike used this feature to have its customers try on their shoes without physically going to the store. This is a massive game-changer for the e-commerce application development industry.

Voice search

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Voice search is the new winner for the typical lazy user in e-commerce application development. By integrating voice search into mobile apps, users can easily buy and place orders on the go. Companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Google Home have implemented this feature. By this, they can provide users with another fast and mobile option to shop online through mobile applications.


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Since customer support is crucial in the development of e-commerce applications, we couldn’t avoid talking about the importance of chatbots. Everyone knows that shopping online can be risky to understand the refund and return policies, as well as getting answers in the sometimes outdated FAQ section. In the development of applications, it is extremely important to make the users feel secure. It is also important to have some form of online presence for them. Or that they don’t feel like they’re shopping in a completely deserted environment. Chatbots are useful because they will greet your customer and direct users to specific places based on the keywords they type or questions they might ask. It will make your customer more welcoming and more secure.

Cloud integration in the development of mobile e-commerce applications

Finally, the cloud integration system is more important than ever as the lack of storage becomes a global problem. This feature is not only useful in the development of e-commerce mobile applications, but also in any other application in the market, as the performance of the application itself will increase significantly while reducing the costs associated with hosting. It will create a wonderful customer experience and attract your user to become a loyal customer.

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