How to create an e-learning platform?

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If you have in-depth knowledge of a topic or an area, a good idea of why not is to make money with your skills. Creating an e-learning platform will easily allow you to monetize your training courses.

Discover the 4 steps to create your own online learning platform.

Select your area of ​​expertise

The main fundamentals of your website or e-learning platform will first of all be based on a carefully defined target of the group of Internet users who will want to follow your online or e-training courses. Second, you will need to carefully scan your knowledge and identify the skills that you think you can teach on the internet.

It is on these two bases, that you will be able to orient your first choices regarding the identity of your e-learning platform, as well as the creation of e-marketing personas.

Good to know: Regarding the area of ​​knowledge, we advise you to choose a relatively broad topic, which will allow you to teach as much as possible online.

Know the expectations of your prospects

From the moment you make the decision to create your profession or your own professional activity, being able to spot and identify prospects’ expectations should always be your ultimate concern!

With the use of the web, it is not very complicated to identify the needs of your potential consumers. Read some blogs, discover the opinions of Internet users, probe their reactions on social networks or participate in forums.
Take the time to carefully monitor comments and questions and then you’ll be able to know exactly what your audience wants.

The creation of a cultural product to satisfy the greatest number

When you’ve figured out what your potential customers expect, it’s time to create your first tutorial or online course.

You can choose to broadcast your lessons on a video medium that can be read on any device: desktop, tablets or smartphones. For your reference, you can create HD video very easily with a simple cell phone.

Creation of your e-learning platform

Now is the time to create your e-learning platform to deliver your courses online. It should be professional, ergonomic and also offer a payment solution.

Take into consideration your target customers. You have to convince them about your skills so that they decide to pay for your online training. The e-learning platform should give maximum confidence and show that you are a real expert in the field you have chosen.

Regarding the sale, you can choose to sell your training over a whole period or sell them individually. Your sales plan (also called in English business model) must always be well supported and this to best achieve your goals of success.
If you lack computer knowledge and especially web development, it is more than recommended to call on a specialized professional development agency to create an e-learning platform. They will advise and guide you in the choice of design, realize your web application and website with professionalism in the strictest respect of your needs.

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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