How much does an app like Uber cost

Uber is currently one of the most required services in large cities. It is a service that began to operate in the United States and was spreading to cities on other continents such as Europe and Asia, and to Latin America.

The Uber service has had a great impact, due to the comfort and safety it provides. The comfort of requiring a taxi service from home, work or elsewhere, which will pick up the customer at that point to take him to his destination and the security provided to the customer by a trusted company.

Uber is who it is today thanks to its application, so if you want to create an app like Uber, we invite you to discover what you should do.

What is the Uber application like?

Uber is an application used by the transportation company Uber. This application allows the customer to make a travel request, which is immediately sent to a driver who is close to their location. The driver who accepts Uber will pick you up to take you to the right place.

The application calculates the distance, the route to be followed by the driver, the fare and also transfers the payment to the driver, through different forms of payment. It can also be paid in cash. The Uber service is used in more than 700 cities around the world.

How much does it cost and what should an application like Uber have?

The cost of an Uber app will depend on the functions to be fulfilled, basically, the application must have the following:

  • Native applications (recommended standard) that lead to parallel developments, for Android or iOS.

You can also add to your application in the Uber App, functions such as:

  • Online chat: so that customers can communicate with the driver online.

Who are the best ones to install an application like Uber?

Uber is an application that requires experience and knowledge to offer effective performance to both the Uber driver and customers, therefore, in developing the application, a series of requirements must be met to ensure the quality of the said application.

Elitech Systems is a long-standing company operating in Europe, America, and Asia and specializing in mobile application design. Due to his extensive experience, the quality of his work is more than recommended, especially for applications like Uber.

Elitech Systems offers you:

  • Consulting, before the development of an App to explain to the client personally, details of the application and the possible budget.

Elitech Systems is the one that offers you the best option for the development of your Uber application, you can request your budget for free at

Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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