8 killer ecommerce marketing ideas for entrepreneurs

Since the introduction of the e-commerce company, the industry has only grown more competitive. That said, standing out to consumers through marketing has become even more of a challenge.

It requires effective marketing trends as well as keeping up with the general trends on the internet.

Here are eight ecommerce marketing ideas in today’s internet marketplace.

  1. More and more shares of social media posts

This e-commerce marketing idea is one of the most obvious. Millions of people worldwide use social media on a daily basis, and there are many different platforms that can be used in different ways.

Twitter and Facebook are the best for people sharing posts with ease and there are many ecommerce companies that get the consumers out there that share the content to the fullest. AirBnB, for example, uses Twitter and has managed to reach large audiences through retweets.

Simply put, it connects to the target group (more on that later). This tweet from AirBnB is one that touches people and calculates taking into account the current climate of the United States, making it of great importance.

The question is — how do you go more and more stocks? This also applies to Facebook and to a degree, Instagram.

When the content of a company’s social media posts is mostly advertising, potential customers simply go off like another ad and move on. But a carefully designed social media post that is relevant and has something that consumers can relate to is able to draw more people.

  1. A niche target group

Companies like Wal-Mart or any other assortment of big department stores can say they target every single person and collect enough likes and shares. But believe me, only companies like Wal-Mart get away with this type of marketing strategy. An ecommerce company needs to be a small target audience and go hard on it.

Forever 21 is an example of a company that has a very niche customer base. It is aimed at girls and women between the ages of 16–24 (roughly speaking). They do this through social media and other general marketing.

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This Instagram post is one of the many pure young women have. The reason is not just putting the company out there for the target customer as an option. It’s about dictating what these consumers think about the nature of the product.

Forever 21 is one of several influencing factors in young women wanting to wear because she deleted pictures like the one above. Planting ideas in the minds of young women and the rest is history. Online marketing is most effective at its being when postings and advertising are not considered as ad praising how great the product is, but rather a display of the potential of the product itself in real life.

  1. Inspire people to use the product with videos

One of the side effects of the digital age is that all things want to consume in a kind of visual medium. Think about how social media outlets like Snapchat and Instagram have evolved, with both being primarily visual-based, with very few written words compared to the barrage of pictures and videos.

There are many ways to take videos. Sports apparel companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor use videos that inspire people to be part of the world of sports stories.

Adidas put out a video earlier this year which, at its core, is an ad. But it has more than 31 million views on YouTube. Especially because there is no traditional display. The video represents a concept, an idea, that is meant to embody the brand and the people who use it.

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This works for many other types of businesses as well. Travel companies can publish great travel videos, companies focused on food or cooking can create cooking videos, people want to, to try new recipes. This type of marketing works with essentially a product or industry.

  1. Create blogs / forums to attract and retain customers

Blogs are an excellent way to develop consistent traffic and, above all, people are coming back. This also works with forums where people can discuss issues, talk about the product, or just a discussion.

Steam has an expansive forum ranging from technical issues to a discussion connection literally called “off-topic” for conversations that can be about anything.

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Since companies are already (hopefully) trying to target a specific audience, this group will usually mesh in an online fashion, making it easier to keep up with. So building a job for these like-minded people is not as difficult as it seems.

  1. deals

This is basic marketing, but it’s the basic things that customers can win. When people see a lot, they flock to you. If you get the product, you use it again.

Shop . com is currently running a cash back promotion specifically designed to launch a cycle of purchases on its website.

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But do not get stuck on a promotion idea. This one from Shop.com may not be used directly for specific companies. Companies need to think about what works best with their customer base. It is not a bad example, but I personally believe that it needs to be revised.Shop . com may not use directly for specific companies. Companies need to think about what works best with their customer base. It is not a bad example, but I personally believe that it needs to be revised.

  1. Great customer service

The most difficult route to the market for people should be handled word-of-mouth. What makes it difficult is that the company can not force people with family and friends said person talk about it. The two easiest ways to get a business on someone’s lips is either terrible or super customer service.

Obviously, the former could be for entrepreneurs catastrophe, so focusing on customer service a positive experience must have top priority. Firmoo is a eyewear company that has been noted with solid online customer service. 1 post expressly mentions the experience with the customer service representative.

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No company is without bad reviews and Firmoo has many, so complaints quickly answer great. But preventing these things by setting up a direct customer service hotline or online chat service is the best move. People want to talk to a real person who can come up with actual solutions and can not give answers to every question.

  1. Optimize for SEO

Traditional companies optimize their position in most traffic driving. If people do not drive or walk by and see the company, it’s much less of a chance that they shop it.

The same principle applies to e-commerce. If someone does not see a website in Google’s search results, they will not be shopping on this website ..

Unless a person in your workforce is an SEO expert, trying to do this alone can be tricky .. Early mistakes can make a company sink, so a bit deeper into the pocket with SEO help sound investment. Carrying out effective optimization is much more difficult than setting up an ecommerce website.

  1. Have a solid subscription network

The ultimate goal of all of this tactic is public relations, and anything that can build a bridge from consistent business-to-consumer contact is gold.

What to do with the subscription network is quite a topic in and of itself, but the network setup step is number one. This primarily comes via email in the form of sending newsletters that do the things listed above.

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People on the participant list will be notified of actions, blog posts, and loads of other content and products from the business. The subscription network is one way a lot of a company put other marketing tactics together in one package.

There you have it — 8 marketing ideas to take your online store to the top. These are just a few unique, from the top of my head.

There are a lot more features you can look forward to such as accepting crypto payments, clear the environmental impact of products you are selling , or excellent customer service.

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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