E-commerce Food Marketing Tips

So you have a food brand, huh? Maybe you are lucky enough to try selling your products at stalls in the local markets, or maybe you even have advanced as to approaching your local or national supermarkets to see if they will stock your product.

Although the general rules of marketing apply, if you are trying to sell the foods, drinks, and groceries, you should also pay attention to some of the special tactics that can help your profits explode.

In this post, we’re going to look at why you should consider e-commerce for your food or drink, and present you with 5 actionable steps you can take to increase your profits and brand building through effective e-commerce food marketing.

Let’s jump,

Why should you choose e-commerce food marketing?

By 2021, e-commerce retail sales of food and beverages sales is expected to reach 15.25 billion. That’s a lot of money left on the table if you do not get on board right now.

And when you sell what products you are considering to sell on your ecommerce store, food seems like a viable option. In simple terms, everyone eats, and many people are pretty excited about the food they eat and where they get it from.

Although the sale of food presents restrictions and things, you should prepare yourself for it, as potential licenses, and make sure that all your food is prepared in a hygienic environment, always proving a piece of this market really lucrative.

Also, Amazon has tapped the food industry with its brand “Amazon Fresh,” which brings food that you need to go directly to your home.

But let’s talk about the actual marketing tactics that you can use first.

Is your product unique?

“I want to sell cupcakes.” You might have considered this based on the low entry threshold and the fact that you do not need to spend too much of your original spend too many ingredients to buy.

But the truth is, unless you have a huge marketing budget (and I assume that you will not if you’re just starting), how are you going to compete with that content on the web.

And let’s have a look at the options on the first page of Google!

So many other companies that promises what you want to do. It is the real reason why you need to get yourself.

There are a number of different ways that you can take off, you may want to do so through the elements that you sell.

Or maybe you use your branding to sell your product like Ugly drinks.

At first, if someone tells you they would start a beverage company and call it “ugly”, what would be your first thought?

Probably not something positive. And finally, what product are ugly drinks selling? Flavored mineral water?

You can not get anywhere else, right? Yes, but despite this, you get a lot of media attention. Above all, this boils down to their history and their marketing.

You see, ugly drinks provide a healthier flavor of carbonated drinks that we all know and love. They also offer a subscription service to ensure your fridge consistently has your favorite flavors in stock.

Fast shipping and security is everything

One of the core reasons that people do not buy food online is because they have concerns about the safety of the items. It will be done in an environmentally friendly location? It will set on the way to me? It will be smashed or broken?

Selling food online involves a lot of trust. Trust in receiving the item to the customer at a convenient time, exactly as described.

To improve this frustration, you could try offering free shipping.

Pipcorn , a popcorn company, offers its customers free shipping on all orders over $ 35.

If free shipping as offers a pricing marketing tactic , remember to think about your operating costs. You do not want to offer free shipping and do not think about how these costs will affect your business results. For lighter foods, such as loose tea or popcorn, free shipping could be an easy option.

Imagery is everything in e-commerce food marketing

You would buy a cake without seeing a picture of it? Probably not. As the saying goes , a picture is a thousand words. Product descriptions are important in e-commerce food marketing for the following reasons :

  1. They help you to describe your product
  2. Can be a real added value boost for SEO
  3. Giving you the opportunity to talk about potential dietary requirements your customers may have as “suitable for vegans” may “contain nuts”.

But when it comes to selling your product , written descriptions just go so far. You need pictures too. If you’re going to outsource one of the e-commerce food marketing activities you do , then the pictures should be just that. Good pictures makes you hungry (literally) Find more information.

Consider an example.

Suzy Q Donut Shop uses really captivating images to showcase their products. Keep in mind that they do not make sure the icing is perfect. In fact, the fact that it does not perfectly show how realistic the images are about the product you get on your doorstep.

We all know the images of Mcdonalds ‘ burgers , not something like the burgers you receive , but you do not mind paying for them, because that’s a cheap commodity-food item.

While, for a product like donuts , your customers will know exactly what their product will look like when they buy it.

Subscription services

If you are selling a novelty item , you’re likely to get spikes of custom ones to specific holidays, where are people more likely to buy gifts for others. However, if you want all-year-round custom , then see if your product is suitable for a subscription model.

Willows are a good example of a subscription-based business.

Healthy snacks sent directly to your mailbox. You can choose the frequency and update your settings based on whether you like the items you receive.

Benefits of pastures:

  1. They promote a healthy diet. Portions are small, but it does not mean sitting down and eating a full portion of snacks with bags in one sitting.
  2. The box fits in your mailbox. Nothing worse than not getting a package and going with it and collecting it from the local sorting house. Because your parcel fits exactly in your mailbox, you only pick it up whenever you get home.
  3. They play on the element of surprise. It’s a great feeling to open your willow box to find out what you’ve been offered this week.

So why not see if your product is suitable for the subscription model. Remember, if your product is something that people buy only once or twice a year , it might not work, but for products like :

  1. tea
  2. coffee
  3. snacks

It would be a really sensible option to try.

Increase in revues

The problem many have with buying food online is the only way that can tell you how it tastes based on the product description. Only the product description is of course biased. ‘ You will say that it tastes good.

That’s why you should seriously think about using your customer reviews as a viable marketing tool. Reviews are an unbiased point of view on how real people, real money transfer felt about your product.

Tessemae understands that buying something like a sauce is a great commitment. Sauces usually last a long time, so one that is not to your liking to buy is a big waste of time.

These include careful reviews so that prospective customers can see what the sauce used by existing customers and what types of food they partner with.

How do you handle e-commerce food marketing?

We have spent some time in this article, talking about the food industry and how you start to create about your own ecommerce store.

Maybe you already have an ecommerce store but have not figured out how to properly market it yet.

If the position you are in , then this post is for you.

Hopefully, this tactic has given you some food for thought. ( forgive the pun ) and help you increase your ecommerce sales.

Leave a comment below if you have other tactics related to ecommerce marketing.

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Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.

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