5 Good Reasons to Use Symfony

To develop your website and/or application you have the choice between several solutions. You can choose to develop from a blank page, use a CMS, or adopt a Framework. Either way, the goal remains the same: your site must function fully to meet user needs and provide an optimal experience.

Today, more than 80% of sites are created with the programming language PHP. Either in “pure PHP” — or with one of its Frameworks (to help you develop better and faster). Everything will depend on the scope of the project, delivery times, customer/user expectations, and your experience!

Not all Frameworks are created equal and some are more popular than others. This is the case of Symfony, which appeared in 2005 which has become the number 1 choice for web applications.

Why? How? ‘Or’ What? This is what we will share with you today with our expert vision!

A “famous” Framework

Symfony is today a stable environment, recognized and recognized internationally. Many references confirm it: institutional sites, social networks, intranet … The biggest also praise it as Yahoo, Dailymotion, Opensky.com or Drupal.

Symfony is chosen as a development base for many Open Source projects and has for many years conquered the world of Tech, even to the point that PrestaShop, Laravel or eZ Publish nested it in their own solution.

Trusted reliability

As free software Symfony creates robust applications and gives developers full control. It is a comfortable, flexible, and accessible framework.

Rich in features, Symfony has the advantage of being “delivered” with additional tools that allow developers to reduce their routine tasks and therefore focus on more specific features. Symfony components can be used stand-alone in other frameworks or in simple PHP solutions.

Another (significant) advantage, the Symfony Framework incorporates systematic preventive security measures, which makes it less vulnerable to vulnerabilities and attacks.

In summary, Symfony has pretty much everything you need.

Easy tests

To ensure the reliability and stability of your application each line of code must be tested. Through the use of the independent library PHP Unit, the unit test is quite easy to use and especially pushes developers to structure the way they code. In short, to make the code cleaner. This structuring of the code involves the use of certain “design patterns” in particular. We can also add the regular release of new versions, fixed bugs, and long-term support of certain versions that guarantee bug fixes for several years.

A strong community

Symfony has a large active community of enthusiasts. Developers, integrators, users… all participate in enriching the tool. It is a real ecosystem that has developed around this Framework since its arrival. If you decide to get started with Symfony, you will never be alone!

The official website states, “The Symfony community is a passionate group of over 600,000 developers from over 120 countries, all committed to helping PHP overcome the impossible.” A much higher number than other PHP Frameworks communities.

You’ll be able to rely on them for problem-solving, advice, and even help improve code together. Finally, the Symfony resource center is considered to be one of the best on the market where you can find an explanation for each development process.

Commercial support

Recently acquired by the company Smile(European leader in free software services), SensioLabs actively participates in the reputation and evolution of the Framework. Tutorials, certifications, conferences… everything is there!

SensioLabs has also partnered with the code school 3W Academy to create a new course focused on Angular and Symfony languages. Launched more than a year ago, this program is funded by various OPCAs and the Pôle Emploi with a clear objective: to increase the skills of developers and pass them into confirmed status in these techniques.



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Christina Cheeseman

Christina Cheeseman is a Technology Strategist at Elitech Systems. She enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends.